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OUR SERVICES [Or: Intro: About Individualized Supported Living?] AI summarize documents - link: AI essay using documents

Our support services are provided in the Individualized Supported Living setting. This program provides person-centered support to people with developmental disabilities to help them live independently in the household of their choosing with the persons they choose to live with in homes that are similar to those of people without disabilities. We help these individuals [care recipients?] make decisions about their lives, pursue their interests, express their individuality, and participate in their communities to the maximum of their abilities so they can live full and meaningful lives.

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Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair


In order to be able to make meaningful life choices, people with developmental disabilities need help. However, every individual is different in their abilities and needs. Our program is designed to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual and may include assistance with daily living skills, meal preparation, medication management, transportation, and community participation. 

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